Exploitation Now is a webcomic about a bastard love-child of Hello Kitty named Ralph Givememore and a lawyer turned porn star named Bimbo Moneymaker, who have the misfortune of becoming roommates. Between exploding apartments, shameless pandering, and a landlady who is a teenaged supervillain prone to fits of world-destroying angst, a plot emerged about a secret government organization conspiring to rule the world. The comic ran from 2000 to 2002 online, updating three times a week.

When I started it in 2000, Exploitation Now was probably my first real attempt at creating a webcomic. I was incredibly fortunate in quickly developing a fanbase that was willing to put up with me while I figured out what I was doing with it. During its two-year run, the comic underwent a lot of changes, just as I did. It started as a raunchy, gag-a-day comic strip, and finished as a somewhat convoluted dramatic adventure book. In the end, there were quite a few moments that I regret putting in the comic, but there’s also quite a few things that came out far better than they had any right to. Overall, now that it’s done, I think I’m fairly proud of it… even ten years later.