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The Basics

Name: Ralph Givememore
Age: Who knows? Probably around Bimbo's, since they were in high school together
Occupation: Masturbator
Ethnicity: Definitely not a Moogle. plz don't sue square :(
Secret Shame: Ralph has no shame.

Boring Exposition

Like Bimbo Moneymaker, Ralph was one of the original main characters of Exploitation Now, before being displaced by underage lesbians. He is lewd waste of flesh. The Baka Fairy hits him on the head a lot, but he probably deserves it.


  • Ralph once said, "I lost the only person I was ever truly in love with and never saw her again." This suggests that Ralph has had some sort of romantic life that does not involve him touching himself or leering at people. Gasp, shock, and awe ensue.
  • He also has a bit of a medical condition.
  • While the original characterization from the dawn of EN declared him to perhaps be "illegitimate bastard love child of the Japanese pop icon, Hello Kitty", it is now greatly believed that his species is at least partly that of a M... (Square rights prohibit the following characters). Some just believe he is a Pokémon and throw plastic balls at his head (Nintendo rights probably prohibit mentioning this as well, but I don't give a damn...)
  • Enjoys cheez-whiz to give flavour to dry crackers such as the holy sacrament
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