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As everybody knows, a super genius like Jordan Kennedy can easily prevent most of the agents of the world's intelligence agencies to sneak into her Lab without her noticing. There is, however, a thing even she can not prevent. Not dangerous, armed people trying to shoot her or steal her secrets, no. Instead, those little, annoying creatures knows as "spam bots". Though it is still controversial in scientific circles whether these really fall under the category "creature" (similar to the discussion whether a virus is a form of life or not) there's one thing for sure: They suck and are a pain in the rear (and I ain't talking about your spine...).

Fortunately, Jordan has found a solution for now, though perhaps not a final one. Inspired from a comic we can not mention due to copyright issues, she constructed a beam that enables us, her fellow assistants, to send the bots to what is known as the Phantom Zone. Jordan also gave us the device you are currently looking at, some sort of window that let's us take a look at the spamming creatures in all their Phantom Zone misery.

Jordan is currently absent and has thus shut down her Lab completely to strangers (which means that we can not leave it, btw), which will hopefully keep new spam bots from entering, but once the Lab opens up again, any new spam bot will be sent to the Phantom Zone, becoming a target for your voyeuristic pleasure.

Here are the delinquents sent to the Abyss so far:

  1. ViorlIacdr
  2. ZelolOrola
  3. VilibAsace
  4. VarnoSitdr
  5. VarlaBoctr
  6. TroceLdomo
  7. TadroNbaso
  8. TabocAcelc
  9. RoaceLliva
  10. RicroLoutr
  11. RelroDomal
  12. RelelTorel
  13. RacnoAcelg
  14. OubocRolra
  15. OlotaCocde
  16. NoletOouor
  17. NoaceLchio
  18. LichiDombo
  19. LaerbOccna
  20. DronoRtaro
  21. DroncOliac
  22. DomriCrole
  23. CordeLacel
  24. CoalcAdara
  25. CnatrOcoub
  26. ClamoNcool
  27. ChidaRdelb
  28. ChiccOreld
  29. ChiacCachi
  30. CcnacEltch
  31. BocreLacel
  32. AcelcTrala
  33. AcelbAsget
  34. Spazbob
  35. Scofco
  36. Pzwyp
  37. Hc6Cre
  38. FcnZew
  39. Dongdong
  40. OrcnaCadro
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