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Naga is one of the main characters in the Does Not Play Well With Others comic, the latest addition to the Poe-verse. From waist up she's a human female (with some interesting anatomical enhancements), while from waist down, she's a giant rattlesnake. This is sensible enough given the real-life meaning of "Nāga", not to mention all of the fantasy novels, comics, etc., where similarly snakey nagas appear. She shares a house with fellow DNPWWO pioneering character Fran.

First seen here, and subsequently in the extensive series of filler art written by Poe during his May 2008 get-caught-up hiatus in Errant Story.

We're learning more about Naga (and the other DNPWWO characters) as DNPWWO proceeds, so if you're on board as a Lab Assistant, please expand this article. She's ... interesting.

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