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The Basics

Name: Jordan Kennedy
Age: 17, tells herself she looks older
Occupation: Evil Genius, Lesbian (Yay!).
Ethnicity: Generic white girl
Secret Shame: Has a holographic sex doll, and vibrating mechano-fingers. Or at least this should be her secret shame, if she was ashamed of it.

Boring Exposition

Jordan was an intelligent child, which is precisely why Agent Hooper killed her parents and abducted her. Imprisoned by an evil government organization and given mind-altering therapy, she quickly became a supergenius - paving the way for her escape, using only her wits.

She has built at least one sentient supercomputer, teleportation technology, a futuristic car, a prosthetic hand with built-in plasma cannon, computer, teleporter and vibrator, and functioning plug suit.

Through the use of questionable plot devices, she rented an apartment to Bimbo Moneymaker and Ralph Givememore.

Jordan possesses a staggering number of fake IDs, none of which look very convincing. She later enters a state of sexual tension with Bush Moneymaker, despite her previous affinity for naked holographic martial artists.


She was only topless once in the entire comic, giving drooling pedophiles Jordanphiles a brief ray of hope before their spirits were dashed out upon the rocks of eternal sorrow.

In one of Poe's early works about Babylon Jones, she is depicted as a twelve year old smoker. This fits with her past as shown in EN itself, where she was once Babylon's employer.

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