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A character in the Does Not Play Well With Others webcomic, introduced here, although he isn't named until quite a bit later.

This rather mild-looking fellow shares a house with Seth. While hanging out at home he appears unexceptional, spending much of his time plunked down in front of a television making snarkage. All is not as it seems, however, because he's actually a superhero (of sorts) incognito, as becomes clear in his first appearance, when he's summoned to deal with an attack on Sarah Palin by robotic bear assassins. (Poe expressed some regrets for this uncomfortably close approach to real life, remarkably enough.) His handle in his superhero guise is Falchion, and his alias (every concealed superhero needs one, it's part of the job description) is Craig Masters, under which he shares the house with Seth, who has an improbable other name of his own.

Every superhero needs an arch-enemy, and his is a Vader-esque fellow named Tekmage, though he prefers Artificer. We don't know yet whether the bad guy is around for the long haul, but parodies being what they are, we'll probably see these two locking horns for some time to come. Note that Craig has recently developed the hots for Tekmage's daughter Janis. This could get interesting.

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