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Name: Bimbo Moneymaker
Age: Thir ... Twenty-Nine
Occupation: Porn Star, Lawyer, Model (not exactly in that order...)
Ethnicity: Irish/Japanese
Secret Shame: Probably not actually 29

Boring Exposition

Bimbo Moneymaker and her roommate Ralph Givememore were the misadventure-prone main characters of the early chapters of Exploitation Now. In spite of... well, nearly everything that has ever happened to her, she was often a voice of reason among all of the psychotic terrorists, delinquents, and irredeemable sexual predators she was known to associate with. Her sister, Bambi Moneymaker, trusted Bimbo enough to take care of their younger sister, Bush, saying that she was, "the only family member I could think of who wasn't a lesbian, currently in jail, or making a living killing people for the Mafia... or all three." Unfortunately, as Bush ran off with Jordan and got herself shot, Bambi's confidence in Bimbo's child-rearing abilities was perhaps misplaced.


Bimbo is actually the most well adjusted member of her family, perhaps excluding Bambi. (Of course, well adjusted is only a RELATIVE term as she is being compare to a family that includes terrorists, assassins, and gun-runners.) She's also probably one of the smartest members of her family, proven by the fact that she passed the bar exam to become a lawyer. Unfortunately she found this job to be far too immoral and now instead works as a porn star.

Things that demand another header, but no one seemed right...

In between her jobs as lawyer and porn star, Bimbo did occasional jobs as a model for art classes. That, and she would often borrow or steal money from her roommate; at least everytime she couldn't find a job. The regular work was one of the reasons for her finally joining the porn business. Her short lawyer career can actually be read in one of Poe's earliest works, which is unfortunately not available online at the current time.


Bimbo has not found out that Jordan knew her sister Barbara Ann, which is a tragic aspect of the late, more serious (compared to the beginning) EN storyline.

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