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The Basics

Name: Hooper (He may or may not have a real name)
Age: Presumably between his late forties and early fifties, judging by his greying hair and depressingly republican attire
Occupation: Government Spook
Ethnicity: White
Secret Shame: He's not nearly as good at his job as he'd like to be. Additionally, Pee-pee boy tells him what to do.

Boring Exposition

Agent Hooper is a shell of a human being, motivated only by his job. Oddly, he doesn't seem to have any sort of personal life, which would suggest repressed homosexuality (a trait found elsewhere in the high-security branch of government he calls home). Singularly dedicated to his duties, he is responsible for overseeing the students of the enhancement project, and recovering Jordan Kennedy, an escapee from same.

Nobody likes Hooper because he's an asshole.


Hooper was killed at the end of Exploitation Now, but Poe could easily cop out and say he didn't really die.

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