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Like most longer stories, Exploitation Now also consists of different chapters or acts. These are listed here for your convenience.
Note however that the plot EN follows does not actually start with the beginning of the first chapter. This is probably due to the fact that it started as a rather humoristic-only comic-strip, but only the Poe knows that for sure. Where the plot developing around Jordan, Bush and Hooper (and the evil organization he is working for) really begins is arguable; one could perhaps say that it starts with the introduction of Jordan.

Act 1: creation [horny]

First strip of Act 1

Here it all begins. People interested most in all the crap that happens to Bimbo and Ralph should definitely go here. They are still the main characters, at least in this act.

The above mentioned strip introducing Jordan is this one.

Act 2: stasis [drunk]

First strip of Act 2

This act further goes into what was later known as the EN plot, much to the so-called main character's disappointment...

Intermission - Babylon Jones

First strip of Intermission 1

This short in-between story reveals some information about the attractive assasin named Babylon Jones. Indeed she is originally one of the oldest characters of the EN-verse, there once was a short comic featuring almost only her, but unfortunately it was lost in the depths of the internet. Jordan's Lab Assistants will perhaps one day use her "summon-things-from-the-past"-machine (TM) to get it back, but first they have to pay the electricity bill...

Act 3: entropy [violent]

First strip of Act 3

Info to come

Intermission 2

First strip of Intermission 2

A non-ending and "incomprehensible foreshadowing that will never have any importance what so ever".

Act 4: destruction [Dreaming Away...]

First strip of Act 4

The title of this chapter is pretty much fitting, considering the horrible events that ended EN (for now?). Read at your own risk...
More info to come...

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